Crest Agri


Mushrooms, a gift of a Nature,  are an excellent, natural part of healthy food. The outstanding trends of modern dining  – tasty, aromatic, natural, low calorific content, high mineral content, natural ballast substances  cause good prospects for increasing mushroom consumption in the future worldwide.

More than 15 years company Crest Agri is a synonym of valuable and reliable partner regarding business and processing of wild and cultivated mushrooms. The company operates three pre-processing bases and a totally new processing factory, located in the mountain regions of Bulgaria, where mushroom hunting and processing is an ancient tradition.

Forest mushroom is a true natural product . We gather them in the cleanest mountains regions in Bulgaria, where’s  no industry  at all. We work and process  100 %  Bulgarian mushrooms only! Since very long time ago, we supply with edible mushrooms competent European and American food industry companies and wholesale organizations. The process of treatment , from picking to end product is base on a strict quality control procedures and stages of a complete production cycle following the highest safety standards of EU and FDA .

There are many species of mushrooms in Bulgaria, but we mainly focus on the most known and praized ones, as quality always specifically prepared according to the individual customer preferences:

Ceps                               Boletus edulis                     

fresh, IQF, in brine             

Chanterelles Cantharellus cibarius fresh, IQF, in brine                  
St.George’s mushroom Calocybe gambosa fresh, IQF, in brine
Horn of plenty         Craterellus cornucopioides fresh, IQF, in brine
Hedgenog fungus    Hydnum repandum fresh, IQF, in brine
Milky agarics        Lactarius deliciosus fresh, IQF, in brine
Fairy ring Marasmius oreades fresh, IQF, in brine
Morels Morchela elata / conica fresh, IQF, in brine
Oyster mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus fresh, IQF, in brine
Slippery Jack Suillus luteus fresh, IQF, in brine
Grey agarics Tricholoma terreum fresh, IQF, in brine
Parasol mushrooms Macrolepiota procera fresh, IQF, in brine
Champignons Agaricus hortensis  fresh, IQF, in brine