Crest Agri

Crest  Agri ( CA ), a member of Crest Group Co., was established in Bulgaria, a country known for its nature and wild plant species, an earthly paradise that serves and cares for people with its precious herbs, wonderful fruits and vegetables. Closely related to the surrounding world, our extensive business is firmly linked to wild and cultivated fruits and vegetables, herbs and mushrooms, either  fresh or frozen and dried. CA  has gained serious experience in the past 10 years and is a respected partner in more than 10 European countries.

We are correct! We hold the quality! We create security for our partners! We stand our commitments to everyone!
You will be pleased with the precise service and the possibility  your intentions will be realized in the short and long term! We control all processes, which helps us always get the best results. The quality for us boasts of our future.  This is the open philosophy that has brought us to the level we are now. We are convinced  that this will lead us further in order to be in the service of our current and future honest partners all over the world!